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SENDA GS3I online soft starter control panel
(online soft starter cabinet)
EM-GS3I is SENDA DRIVE developed new generation soft starter panel, that with completely function, easy operation, no need commissioning, minimum the maintenance. This products break through traditional soft starter cabinet configuring, which need built in soft starter and by pass inside with high cost.
EM-GS3I online soft starter control panel cabinet is a economic , practical and convenience one, very popular in various industrial application filed.
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EM-GS3I online sot starter panel Features
▷ provide soft starter and motor protector function, equipped online protection function, 3 input and 3 output design.
▷ Reduce the motor starting current, and reduce the investing cost of power distributor capability.
▷ Reduce machine starting stress to extend machine working service lifespan.
▷ No request the secondary wiring, configure multiple protection function, reliability function and long service time is available.
▷ LCD Chinese and English display for easy operating, testing and maintain.
▷ Compatibility with kinds of communication mode.
▷ Fully digital control system with kinds starting mode
▷ Apply micro control unit, fuzzy control and big current 0 point separate technology.
▷ Strong load adaptability and strong EMC capability, high running reliability
▷ Easy operation and maintaining.
▷ No using the Ac contactor to enhance the reliability.
▷ Accept widely voltage input, 15% tolerance.

Strong motor protection
Built it MCCB, also configure short circuit protection.
Configure interval delay starting function to avoiding start frequently.
Input and output phase missing protection.
Online running monitoring.

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