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SENDA EM-GW Online Soft Starter

EM-GW motor soft starter is a new type motor starting and protection device that is integrated with power electronic technology, microprocessor and automatic control. This soft starter is able to steadily start and stop motor without step change so as to avoid mechanical or electric impact resulted from using conventional starting modes such as direct starting, star-delta starting and auto voltage reducing starting, and effectively reduce starting current and distribution capacity for fear of more investment on capacity expansion.
No need to built by pass contactor with SCR controlling new technology applying.----innovation
And cost saving.

Three-phase power supply: AC380V, 690V, 11kw to 250kw.
Provide online soft starter cabinet for above 320kw.
Applicable motor : General squirrel cage asynchronous motor .

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Fully and perfect protection function

Configure multiple motor protect function to ensure motor long term running well.

Phase missing protection
Over heat protection
Over current and over load protection
Output unbalance protection
Under voltage and over voltage protection
Load circuit protection
Under load protection

Minimise fault Maintenance of online soft starter
Free of the maintaining of contactors due to reduce the by pass contactor with SCR controlling new technology.

Reduce the installation room
Less the wiring and connection problem
Labor cost saving
No contactor fault problem

Stable communication control
Computer communication interface is optional, including the PC demo software, Device net interface, Modbus, Profibusˇ­
Reliability quality guarantee
1.Whole machine with load testing
2.High-voltage insulation test
3.Every unit need 24 hours old aging after completely testing.
Smooth start and Smooth Stop function

Nameplate explanation

Model explanation:

The diagram connection
The external terminal

The external shape and installation dimensions of 11KW ~ 55KW.

The external shape and installation dimensions of 55KW ~ 250KW.


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